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Palm Pixi

The Palm Pixi is a multimedia smartphone developed by Palm and the best small phone for minimalists, families, and athletes. The entire digital life fits in a coin pocket. Perfect for taking a break from the big phone. HP purchased the phone in 2010, and this is a successor to the Plam Centro smartphone and was 2nd webOS device after the Plam Pre. Users can browse the internet, online banking, and access Facebook and other social media sites. The original Pixi on the Sprint carrier network in the U.S was released on November 15, 2009. Palm Pixi was released in 2010 June.

Features of Palm Pixi –

  • Thirteen hours of extra battery power is there due to the custom mophie juice pack.
  • Display – 320*400 px, 2.63 in 18-bit colour sub -HVGA.
  • Rear Camera – Two megapixels, with LED flash, geotagging.
  • The device weighs 92.5 grams and is 55.0 mm in width, 111.0 mm in height, and 10.85 mm thick.
  • Bluetooth 2.1, Micro USB connector, 8 gigabytes of flash memory, and 3.5 mm headphone jack is there. 
  • Memory – 256 MB 166 MHz DDR RAM
  • Operating System – Palm WebOS.
  • It can stand up to the most strenuous activities like hiking, running, biking and swimming.
  • Life mode is there, which eliminates distraction by silencing notifications and incoming calls every time the screen is turned off. Again when the screen is turned on, it comes to normal mode.
  • Millions of the latest app, music, games, and many more can be enjoyed through Google Play Store on this phone. 
  • Quick access to the user’s favourite apps and quick actions by drawing the first letter of search is available on this phone.
  • Phone, music, camera, and messages can be launched by tapping the icons.

Advantages of Palm Pixi –

  • Cutting edge hardware.
  •  This phone runs all the favourite apps.
  • Low data plans. Free connectivity for 30 days when purchased on
  •  In this, calls and messages can be sent using voice.
  •  For parents, location tracking, intuitive parental control, intentionally limited functions are there in the phone.
  • It is designed to reduce the time spent on the screen. The compact size, Life Mode, and quick actions shortcuts make it easy to get in and out.
  • It can be slipped into a premium minimalist leather wallet or wear it on your neck so that carry can be minimized.






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