Ghost: Quick Facts and Story!

Ghost is an Indian horror thriller film. The film features Shivam Bhaargava and Sanaya Irani in the lead roles. A politician of Indian origin is shown in the UK, and he accused of killing his wife. He shares with his lawyer that a spirit committed the murder.

Quick Facts Ghost –

  • Director – Vikram Bhatt
  • Producers – Vashu_Bhagnani, Vikram Bhatt
  • Writer – Vikram Bhatt
  • Casts – Sanaya Irani, Shivam Bhaargava, Hazel Crowney, Vikram Bhatt, Caroline Wilde, Rabia Maddah, Ameet Channa, Gary Heron.
  • Release Date – 18 October 2019

The Story In Detail Ghost –

The film starts with a girl named Barkha Khanna, killed by a ghost in her room, which her husband, Karan Khanna, later notice. Her husband a political figure from Britan. Her husband is arrested by the police accusing him of killing her. Simran, a lawyer, is shown who is having stress in her life due to the death of her father and boyfriend leaving her. Later Simran becomes the lawyer for Karan. Karan gets out of jail on bail, and Simran learns that Karan and Barkha were not happy couples. Karan suspected that his wife had an affair and himself started an affair.

One night Barkha was killed, and according to CCTV footage that night, Karan enters the house at 2 am, and leaves at 4 am, and in between this time, Barkha was killed. He enters the apartment again at 6 am, and all the evidence is pointing against him. But according to him, he spent the night at Bob’s apartment. Bob knew about the ghost who killed Barkha, but he himself got killed by the ghost before he could share details. After further investigation, Simran finds Karan was with a girl the night his wife was killed, but that girl was missing in the police report.

After consulting with a demonologist, it was revealed that both Karan and the other girl were very possessive about each other and out of possessiveness, he kills his wife. Later it was revealed that Barkha was in a relationship with some other girl but married Karan for money and fame. The girl with whom Barkha was in a relationship committed suicide so that after becoming a ghost can take revenge. At the end of the movie, Karan got saved. 


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