COVID-19 News

Hospitalization of USA’s Senior Citizens for COVID is declining gradually!

Recently, it was reported that the Covid-19 hospitalizations amongst the older residents of America are declining day by day. Notably, this has plunged 80 percent since the year 2021 started. This is certainly a dramatic proof the vaccination campaign is working.  Now the trick is to get more of the nation’s younger people to roll up their sleeves. This is to say that the drop-off in the Covid-19 cases is amongst the people of 65 and older. The hospitalization rate among this highly vaccinated group has now collapsed and is to around the level of the next-youngest category, Americans 50 to 64.

This is very encouraging as the senior citizens have accounted for about 8 out of 10 deaths from COVID-19, since the virus has hit the United States of America. Moreover, the deaths due to the pandemic in the U.S. have plunged to about 700 per day on average. The comparison is done with a peak of over 3,400 in mid-January. However, the deaths that occurred due to the outbreak, as per the reports, are of about 570,000 American natives. Mr. Jodie Guest, a public health researcher at Emory University, said, “What you’re seeing there is exactly what we hoped and wanted to see: As really high rates of vaccinations happen, hospitalizations and death rates come down.”

The most noticeable point is to keep an eye over what is happening in other countries with high vaccination rates, such as Israel and Britain. Also, the stand in stark contrast to the worsening disaster in places like India and Brazil, which lag far behind in dispensing shots. According to U.S. government statistics, hospitalizations are now crashed with 60 percent overall. But the most significant amongst the senior citizens, who are eligible for shots the longest and have breathlessly received them.