What should I do for living?


What should I do for a living? At some point in their life, everyone has to ask the question themselves. Some people look for jobs, and some look for career paths. Each individual has different plans and expectations from life. There are few steps to follow to find out what one should do in life.

Steps to be followed to find what to do for a living –

Finding out core values – Everyone should find out what they value most. When one doesn’t live by their values, they find it difficult to answer the big questions in life. Outside influences like friends and family influence the career choice one makes. If the decision doesn’t match what one wants, then getting success becomes difficult, and they will also be dissatisfied with the job. Talk to a friend or a coach, or a family member to find out what interests you most. Listing the core values also helps a person to find out what they want in life. 

Finding strength – When one recognizes the strength he/she has, then one can develop the strength and reach the fullest potential. Strength isn’t are same as talent. For example, a basketball player may have the natural ability to jump high, but to use this ability, the player must enroll in the sport and practice hard to succeed. Strength like commitment, courage, and stamina will take one very far. 

Connect Dots – When one identifies strength and values, one gets a clear idea of what he/she likes and dislikes. One will discover something unique about themselves. One must identify three to four career options and then try to match with values and strength. The career option that matches the most should be the idle option to choose. 

Do proper market research – A proper market research helps to decide on which career path to choose. One should research various career options available, salary structure, and growth rate for each option. Proper research on what kind of qualifications required in the current market helps a person decide what to choose. 


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